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HyTek Desiccant Rotors For The More Efficient Dehumidification Solutiondhurotor1
HuTek introduces HyTek, the next generation Desiccant Rotor. Designed for high performance, enhanced energy efficiency, and long service life.

HyTek Applications

  • Energy efficient dehumidification
  • Latent load removal
  • Simplify drying processes
  • Improve manufacturing processes/ product quality
  • Preservations/Inhibit growth of microscopic organisms
  • Corrosion/Condensation Prevention
  • Energy/NMP/Voc Recovery
  • Desiccant (non-CFCs) cooling

HTS/HTX Rotor :
For all purposes




Material Compositions:

  • 82% Active Silica Gel
  • 16% glas fibre
  • 2% Acrylic surface coating


HTH Rotor :
For Hygienic enhancement



Material Compositions:

  • 80% Active Silica Gel
  • 2% LiCL
  • 0.1% microbiological growth restraint
  • 16% glas fibre
  • 2% Acrylic surface coating

HTM Rotor :
For Super low humidity



Material Compositions:

  • 37% Molecular Sieve
  • 45% Active Silica Gel
  • 16% glas fibre
  • 2% Acrylic surface coating



  • Suitable for General dehumidification applications such as steel bridge, electronics, seed storage, laminating glass, candy, desiccant cooling, etc.
  • Suitable for neutral to acidic environment.
  • HTX (modified silica gel) suitable for big moisture depressions such as milk powder, compressed air drying, product drying & conveying, etc.


  • Suitable for applications where enhanced bacteriostatic is required such as pharmaceutical, food, etc.


  • Suitable for applications with very low dew point and/or high process air temperature such as Lithium battery, plastic hopper, etc.
  • Suitable for alkaline to neutral environment
HyTek Advantages

High Content of Active Desiccant

Unique manufacturing technology from Sweden gives our rotor higher active desiccant than any other rotors in its market segment. This ensures more dehumidification for less running costs. 

High Adsorption Capacity 

The rotors has high static capacity; picking up approximately 40% of its dry weight as moisture in humid environment. 

This results in high dynamic capacity.

Fire Resistance and High Surface Compression Strength

Test results according to ASTM E84 confirm that HyTek
rotor is fire proof. Achieved a flame-spread index of 0 and
a smoke index 0. The rotor also has more than 200kpa surface compression strength.

Comprehensive Technical Support

All essential performance data of our rotor can be easily calculated using our simulation software available online. HuTek’s long experience in climate control ensures that we will be able to provide all the technical supports you need for successful implementation of our products in all your applications.

High degree of Flexibilitydhurotor5

The variety of rotor type ensures that we can find a suitable product for various challenges your applications may meet; i.e., very low dew point, alkaline or acidic environment or hygienic environment

High degree of Customization

We can provide rotor with customized sizes and details as well as replacement rotors that can fit most existing dehumidifiers known in the marketplace. We can also provide various choices of rotor, cassette, and driving system, with choices for fully assembled or in knock-down form to suit any of your specific demands.