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Making it right from the start...

Businesses are becoming more competitive each day. Any small mistakes could be extremely costly. To control the right climate for your business, it takes much more than just having the right equipment.

Just as much as we endeavor to deliver the best climate control products, we also realize the importance of good and synchronized system. We therefore extend our services beyond just delivering finest equipment, to ensure that our customers will get the system that "works" from the beginning, to save their time and investment costs, and to save them from any costly mistake.

...And continue to make it right
We always believe in establishing long-term relationship with our customers, to continue to help and to learn from each other. That is why our task will not end when our customers get the "right" start for temperature and humidity control system. It is an important part of our job to ensure that our customers will continue to have the right equipment; and to have the systems that constantly evolve with the progress of their businesses.

Our Service

  • Preliminary Study and system evaluation
  • Feasibility Study, Benefits & Costs, Break-even analysis
  • Conceptual design and system recommendation
  • Coordination with system consultant/ contractor
  • Assistant in supervision for commissionning and test run
  • System performance evaluation
  • Recommendation for system enhancement
  • etc.