CeLPad “Black+”

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Extreme condition requires more extreme measurement

CeLPad "Black+" is developped specially for harsh and tough condition. Special "Black+" protective coating prevents CeLPad surface from constantly exposing to extreme environment such as dirt, sand storm, and risk of bacterial and algae growth. "Black+" protective coating is also durable

and strong enough for frequent surface cleaning. Enhanced with special anti-friction modifier,CeLPad “Black+” is tough and can be cleaned effortlessly. This will ensure not only its long service life even under harsh condition, but also its optimum efficiency for a long time.

CeLPad "Black+" is an ideal evaporative cooling media for gas turbine inlet, textile factories, harsh water condition, locations exposed to sand storm and the application where risk of algae and bacterial growth is high. With special protective coating in CeLPad "Black+" , the surface will not allow algae or bacteria or mineral deposits to anchor themself. They can be easily gone when the pad dries off. The surface can also be repeatedly clean easily without damage. Special protective coating will also improve the life expectancy of CeLPad.



Our long experience in designing evaporative systems ensures that CeLPad "Black+" can make evaporative systems simpler and more efficient for you. Do not hesitate to contact us or your local distributor for more details. **CeLPad and CeLPad "Black+" can be easily installed using PadPlus, a complete frame system.**