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Artificial lighting is one of important factors that affect productivity in livestock productions. CeLPad Dark is designed to not only providing optimal cooling. It is also prohibiting light from entering through evaporative panel so that the natural light does not interfere with your artificial lighting program. The best part is that you can do so with less static pressure that in turn lowers electricity expenses on ventilation systems. CeLPad Dark is your first choice for productivity improvement.

Key Advantages

2-in-1 productivity enhancement: CeLPad Dark provides optimal cooling with maximum evaporation surface. Specially designed flute geometry allows air to easily pass through but obstructs light from entering. CeLPad Dark combines the benefit of cooling and dark out in a single installation.

Easy Installation: Forget about the extra efforts to prevent light entering evaporative cooling panel. Installation of CeLPad Dark is as easy as any normal evaporative cooling panel. No extra hassles.

Low static pressure: CeLPad Dark has low static pressure that would not add burden to the ventilation systems while providing the benefit of dark out. This means extra saving in electricity running and maintenance costs along the way.

Fully customized: CeLPad Dark can be further enhanced with special features such as “Black+” special edge coating to provide optimal long usage life; and/or “Nano” active ingredient that provides extra hygiene to the evaporation surface.

Standard size*
Height: Any height up to 2000mm (plus 30mm water distribution pad included)
Width: 600mm
Depth: 100mm or 150mm
*custom sizes are available upon request

Performance Curve for CeLPad Dark

*with air face velocity within shaded area. a droplet filter should be installed.