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A more efficient and more affordbale alternative to conventional screen fogging.

FoGPad is mostly suitable for Swine and Dairy applications.


More Affordable :Unlike such conventional fogging screen as plastic curtain, FoGPad requires less structural support and consumes less space which in turn reduces construction costs.

Easy Installation : FoGPad can instantly replace conventional fogging screen with only little modification.

Efficiency Improvement : FoGPad creates minimal pressure drop compared to plastic curtain. As a result, not only it provides better ventilation, but also reduces electricity consumption and maintainance costs for the ventilating fan.

More stable environment : FoGPad can absorb and hold moisture every efficiently. This thus completely solves
the problem of sharp temperature fluctuation during the on/off cycle of the fogging.

Solve droplet problem : Water droplet is the number one cause for pulmonary disease. FoGPad , with its superb absorption ability, completely prevents droplet passing through to the animals. The result is the happy and healthy animals.