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The more effective solution for high-end evaporative cooling and humidification.

GLasPad is made of special impregnated glass fiber material that allows for superb moisture absorptive capability, ensuring continuous humidification and evaporative cooling effect even at a high air face velocity.

The special inorganic compound of
GLasPad makes it fire resistance and incombustible. GLasPad therefore fully complies with any strict building and industrial code.

GLasPad is an ideal media for humidifying after Air Handling Units and Heater, as well as for Gas Turbine
inlet pre-cooler.

GLasPad has two basic configurations

  • GLasPad 0760 (45/15 flute angle configuration): Designed for minimizing pressure drop from the cooling pad. Suitable for the design with high air face velocity.
  • GLasPad 0790 (45/45 flute angle configuration): Designed for maximizing the evaporation efficiency by creating more contact time between air and water to allow for better evaporation.

GLasPad Advantages

  • Inorganic, incombustible material (Non-Combustible according to EURO Class A2, S1, D0 " (Based on EN ISO1182 and EN 13823 (SBI) )and class 1 filter according to UL-900
  • Low energy humidifier/cooler
  • Allow for precision control
  • No risk of oversaturation
  • No need for water treatment
  • Trouble free maintenance
  • Safe and hygienic

Performance Curve for GLasPad 0760-45/15

*with air face velocity within shaded area. a droplet filter should be installed.


Performance Curve for GLasPad 0790-45/45

*with air face velocity within shaded area. a droplet filter should be installed.