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An optimal solution for controlling your evaporative cooling system

Key Features :

  • Digital output displays
  • Programmable by rearing periods (T-curve) up to 8 periods
  • 2-line LCD display panel
  • 16-button Numeric key pads
  • 2 stainless temperature sensors and 1 humidity sensor
  • Magnetic surge protection
  • 8 channels output for fan control (featuring temperature control for all 8 channels/ additional ventilation mode timer control for channel 1-4/ additional heat stress control mode for channel 5-8)
  • 1 channel output for cooling pump control (featuring temperature and humidity control plus timer option)
  • 1 channel output for lighting control (8 stage control per day)
  • 1 channel for alarm (for power failure, heat stress alarm, unit controller mal-function with 220VAC/5A output for longer distance connection)
  • Heat Stress Index control/alarm system Featuring heatstress alarm set point and recorder (time of heatstress, interval of heatstress for up to 14 days)
  • Built-in rechargable battery backup
  • Expandable to central network computer processing control (future feature*)
  • Password protection capability
  • Class IP56 case protection (withstand extreme tropical climate)

New enhanced feature with centralized computer control


Centralized computer control, connected up to 100 houses. Thai/English control software.

Technical information :

Display   Digital displays for Temperature and Humidity 2-line LCD display
Electrical System Electrical Characteristic
20 Watts
Display Working range
Display digit
Calibration range
0-70 C
0.1 C
+/- 1 C
-12.5 to +12.5
Humidity Sensor Working range
Display digit
Calibration range
25-100 %RH
0.1 %RH
+/- 5 %RH
-12.5 to +12.5
Output for Fan Output Relay Contact
Control mode: Fan 1-4Control mode: Fan 5-8
8 outputs 220VAC/5A
Tempeterature control/ Timer control (pulsemode)*
Temperature control/ Heat Stress Control
Output for Cooling Pump Output Relay Contact
Control mode
1 output 220VAC/5A
Temperature and humidity control/ Timer control (pulse mode)*
Lighting Output Relay contact
Control mode
1 output 220VAC/5A
On-off, 8 periods per day
Alarm Output Relay Conact
Siren 12VDC
1 Output 220VAC/5A
Continuous alarm for 30 min.
Low/High Temperature alarm, Heat Stress Alarm, Power failure alarm, Unit mal-function alarm

* feature can be disable or enable